Each blood, the tombs we count
20 4 4
This novel is about two-spies-cum-comrades-cum-security personnel of a liberation movement in exile: how they break all the rules in their clandestine fight for freedom, but ultimately turn at each other - on the eleventh hour of smelling their freed ...
Uncle Sbu
68 33 4
Uncle Sbu is retiring in 2018. He lives alone in his suburban house. Everything changes when his seven-year-old nephew comes.
The Marriage Theory
84 28 4
In a world where marriage and love no longer appear to be synonymous and eternal, Nick Brady has found himself desperate for a solution; a solution which will help him prove his theory once and for all: Love and marriage aren’t synonymous. Nick sets ...
Chewing Glass
40 9 4
These three short stories are part of an anthology of stories that celebrate being different, standing out, and making peace with the past, without giving in to social norms. They are a celebration of uniqueness and finding your own voice, no matter ...
Circle of Life
16 8 4
Circle of Life is a story of hatred. It entails how a woman killed her friend using African magic. She later married her friend's husband, the reason she killed her friend. She swore to make life a living hell for the only child of her friend.
Removing the Mask
14 2 4
This is the story of a young village girl who came to Cape Town and got betrayed by a man she trusted from her church. She found herself in a very devastating situation after being molested by the very person she trusted. She then for a very long tim ...
Gutting Instincts and Other Stories
22 3 4
My short story collection reflects on the intersections between fantasy and reality in the mundane of the everyday. Entering the lives of characters as diverse as a coloured fisherman in the Western Cape (Gutting Instincts) and a white female Wits U ...
I Must Hide Him
20 3 4
This is an attempt of a stab at a 'state of the nation novel' genre. It interrogates some of the most gripping social and moral challenges South Africa faces, through the interacting world views of three main characters. We witness the effects of cor ...
Dark Tales
178 133 4
Dark Tales is a fictional book that is themed around the horrific and disturbing mysteries which a Swazi private investigation company tries to solve. The concept of the private investigation company is inspired by an investigative journalist that ...
6 3 4
This historical fiction novella tells the story of an unlikely team; their bond and several encounters whilst trading on ox-wagon between the port of Durban and the developing hinterland-industries and pioneer farmers. Bessie, an orphaned daughter ...
11 2 4
Michael is a typical high school student, in a boring town where nothing happens. He spends most of his time with his two best friends, and relaxing in the comfort of a town that thrives on predictability. Life is normal for him until he is hit with ...
Tears, Shadow Of My Past
6 2 4
Tears, Shadow Of My Past, a drama and thriller genre story telling the tale of two lovers with the male spouse having a hidden past.
My Mother's Pyjamas
9 3 4
My Mother's Pyjamas is a novel set in a high school in South Africa when schools first became racially integrated. The story follows the life of matric pupil, Jane Wharton as she negotiates the hazardous journey into adulthood which is complicated b ...
The Creative Department
14 2 4
The Creative Department is a novel about the wild ambitions and insecurities of a group of interconnected writers and art directors, in or around the global advertising industry. It focuses on the life and times of a copywriter who happens to be torn ...
When the Nightjar Cries
14 2 2
A carefree, surf-loving young journalist is warped by his quest to avenge the murder of his girlfriend by a serial-killing cop and becomes embroiled in a right-wing plot to trigger genocide and civil war. When the Nightjar Cries examines the light an ...
A song about a girl
24 6 2
A man wakes up in a morgue with no idea who he is, how he came to be here, and more importantly, who the dead woman on the table in front of him is. Slowly the memories start to surface. He will need to piece them all together to find out who she was ...
Loss: A collection of short stories
171 56 4
This is a short story collection comprising of one short story and two novelettes. The theme of the stories are centered around loss. It explores how each of the protagonists deal with the losses that they encounter.
Mom, and the Prince of devastation
31 2 4
A boy, in search of a significance to liken to that of his own; looking for a mother after he had lost his, someone who will steer him right, through the turbulence of youth, and offer a bosom, when he goes into that good night. He found her, in a wa ...
Birthday Bash, Small Change and Sockit
17 3 4
The stories were inspired by real life people and events given a life of their own. Most of the stories have at their heart some addiction and its affects on family and individuals. The stories are aimed at the young adult .
OVER THE LUMUMBA BRIDGE and other stories.
11 3 4
This is a collection of ten short stories that does not shy away from tackling issues that society tends to turn a blind eye on. Issues such as hypocrisy in religion, incest and toxicity in marriages. What connects the ten short stories is that they ...
The River's Song and other stories
20 7 4
This is a collection of stories set in modern and olden day Botswana. The themes explored include the ever constant clash of new western ideologies and traditional cultural Botswana beliefs as well as the role of women, homophobia and corrective rape ...
12 3 4
Hope. I love that word. I believe in hoping against hope, I also believe Africa needs hope. I also believe strongly in the dictates of passion, hard work and perseverance. This short story collection fuses those virtues together to make for an inspir ...
36 Views of Naval Hill
13 2 4
Reeva Greyling writes in her sleep, granting the narrative an additional glow of the magical. 36 Views of Naval Hill is a post-modernized Don Quixote pastiche set in a modern day South African University. Unlike its material source, a female student ...
Through Her Eyes
152 75 4
Ziningi tells her story as she gets lost in life, finds a new life partner and is an accessory to crimes she had never imagined. She tried to get her life together when little Zahra is introduced to her. This is the story of the Mgabaye village throu ...
The Broken Throne; The Awakening
10 3 4
The Throne was broken; the bastards sat on the pieces; but they forgot to destroy all the dragons. The Dragons will return and with their return the bastards shall find themselves in a bitter civil war and a threat from one thought dead. Across the S ...
The Light Workers
9 3 4
The Light Workers is a YA Novel by Tlotlego Mokgale, a blogger and Writer from Pretoria. This book is inspired by her curiosity surrounding the Mystical world. She describes the book as a mixture of the adventures and mysticism found in JK Ro ...
Don't Blink
300 221 4
Don't blink brings to life a collection of fast-paced tales of suspense, exploring themes of betrayal, revenge, death, greed, infidelity, love, and hate, amongst others. The tales of deception where no one can be trusted are meant to thrill and leave ...
Salvation Captured State Cataclysm
31 7 4
The short story collection confronts the challenge of fighting for freedom from oppressive systems. In Salvation, an student protest team confronts private security forces with dire consequences, and in Captured State a deputy minister faces up to a ...
This Land
69 27 4
"This Land" is an African-inspired fantasy tale that challenges the traditional hero myth by considering what happens to those left behind when the hero goes on their quest. After being separated from her family, Sepalia struggles to maintain the fam ...
One evening at the end of summer
184 76 4
The novel tells the tale of the young girl, "I" and her efforts to outfox her captor and the nefarious smog of the Tetrahedron commandants. She crosses the country to escape the life she left behind in The Town and to stop the force of the Commandan ...
Knowledge is The New Bliss
303 202 4
The following short stories highlight prevalent social issues in our current society. The aim of each story is to place the reader in the shoes of a person experiencing these issues. From Xenophobia to poverty and human trafficking, the reader is giv ...
The Light Workers
85 63 4
The Light Workers is a YA Novel by Tlotlego Mokgale, a blogger and Writer from Pretoria. This book is inspired by her curiosity surrounding the Mystical world. She describes the book as a mixture of the adventures and mysticism found in JK Ro ...
Story Title Tags Reads Reviews Ave Rating Score
Knowledge is The New Bliss CompetitionEntry 303 202 4,95 1303
Don't Blink CompetitionEntry 300 221 4,46 1285
Dark Tales CompetitionEntry 178 133 4,64 795
One evening at the end of summer CompetitionEntry 184 76 4,25 507
Through Her Eyes CompetitionEntry 152 75 4,03 454
Loss: A collection of short stories CompetitionEntry 171 56 4,02 396
The Light Workers CompetitionEntry 85 63 4,7 381
The Marriage Theory CompetitionEntry 84 28 5 224
Uncle Sbu CompetitionEntry 68 33 4,27 209
This Land CompetitionEntry 69 27 4,67 195