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Gama❤Phile noun 1. A lover of words. Synonyms: book lover, writer, verse-maker, bookworm
Gama❤Phile is a local pre-publication writing platform that makes use of technology and social media to discover and celebrate otherwise unrealised writing talent. It is a creative outlet for aspiring authors to showcase their work and gives readers access to new stories that exist outside of mainstream literary channels. We are in search of yet to be celebrated authors who in turn hope to receive constructive feedback on their writing and test the reading market’s response to their work.
Our readers are active members of an online community that is interested in supporting and discovering local and unique stories and voices not easily found elsewhere. Often, they are aspiring writers themselves, and always, they are literary enthusiasts.
Writers post short stories, chapters and manuscripts online. After 100 reads the writer can set a price for their content, which tests selling potential. Popular posts are ranked on the leader board and listed as ‘trending’. Writers are awarded performance-based badges that are featured on their profile page. The grand prize is that one of SA’s leading publishing houses has the option to publish the leading manuscript. Readers access content for free, or by paying a small fee for stories with more than 100 reads. They too can accumulate points through reading, reviewing and engaging with content. Readers also earn a variety of statuses based on their participation, for which annual prizes are awarded.